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Isis Browser is a modern web browser that picks up where the webOS browser left off. It's based on a bleeding-edge QtWebKit engine featuring the most recent web standards. It delivers a blazing fast JavaScript engine and supports Netscape plugins. Isis Browser's simple and functional interface is written using the Enyo JavaScript framework.

Isis Browser uses a client-server model that separates the rendering process from the user interface. This architectural approach delivers smooth scrolling and a responsive user experience. Isis Browser uses the highly portable Qt framework with the goal of delivering a cross-platform browser in the future.

Currently, Isis Browser can be compiled and deployed to the webOS platform. The high-level development goals are:

  • Implement essential features
  • Improve performance and stability
  • Adhere to web standards
  • Deliver new user experience innovations
The Isis Browser is released under the Apache 2.0 license. The components WebKit, Qt, and NPAPI headers are released under their existing licenses. Please see the source for details.